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~ Chrysocolla malachite cab ~

Offered here is a large and impressive cabochon of 100% natural gem silica chrysocolla and malachite, from Arizona. About two thirds of the stone is composed of puffy clouds which are a vibrantly electric turquoise blue, suspended in a translucent agate base. The other third has patches and orbs of green malachite. Very artistically composed, to say the least. It's an amazing gem that's mostly translucent, as illustrated by the backlit photo, with a razor-fine line of clear agate separating the two colors/patterns. Because of the limitations of our monitors in displaying supersaturated colors, and I believe you'll find this cab to be much nicer and more brilliant in hand. This is highly silicated material, extremely hard and durable stuff that wears very well, and will easily last long enough to become a treasured old heirloom. So dream up something extra special for this prize! The stone has a high rounded dome of 7mm, polished to a glassy brilliance both front and back.

Size: 50x290mm
Weight: approximately 56 carats

Price: Sold
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Chrysocolla Malachite Plume

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