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~ Wave Hill agate cab ~

Offered here is a smaller cabochon of Wave Hill agate, from Australia's Northern Territory. Seldom have I had the experience of being so thrilled by a 'new' material, but this exceptional agate made a fan out of me with the first one I cut. Everyone who sees the cabs is impressed by them! When Terry Maple spied these agates at this year's Tucson show, he bought the entire lot! Bless his heart for sending some fine little nodules home for me to enjoy! This stone has lovely peach and charcoal banding framing a translucent crystalline core that includes an odd 'egg' formation, complete with yoke. There are also several other eyes and bullseyes that contrast wonderfully in shades of pink, tan and cream. Yes indeedy, this agate is nothing short of amazing, and I'm crazy about it, can you tell? The uniqueness of each Wave Hill agate makes it a lapidary's fantasy, a collector's MUST HAVE, and I have no doubt it'll be a jewelry designer's best friend. This stone has a well rounded dome of 5mm, a softly 'puffed' designer shape, and a great glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 25x23 mm
Weight: approximately 25 carats

Price: Sold
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Wave Hill agate

Wave Hill Agate

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