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~ Blue opal cab ~

Here is a gorgeous cabochon of blue opal. Even though there's no fire, I really hesitate to call it 'common opal', because I'm certain it's anything BUT common. This astonishing material is a new find, fresh from Oregon's Succor Creek formation, at the edge of the Owyhee breaks. And lemme tell ya folks, it's mighty appealing stuff! It has a super-saturated blue hue that's to-die-for gemmy, with some very subtle lighter clouds and dots. I was surprised to see that the stone is so translucent when backlit, considering its strong color. Yum! It should be equally beautiful in gold or silver jewelry, no doubt, or it would make a fine addition to any collection. The stone has a nicely rounded dome of 6mm, a fun designer shape, and a brilliantly glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 41x23mm
Weight: approximately 26 carats

Price: Sold
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Blue opal

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