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~ Mook jasper ~

Offered here is a cabochon of brecciated mookaite, also called mookaite in agate, a newly offered material from Australia. This stuff is absolutely gorgeous, every bit as appealing as Stone Canyon jasper. But it's very glassy by nature, and cuts much more like an opalite than a jasper. I think this new stone has a lot going for it: The rich colors and shadings, a blend of gold and cream; the variety of sizes and shapes of the 'jasper' pieces, including tiny confetti; and the added dimension of depth due to the translucent agate 'rivers' between. Try some, you'll be well pleased! The cab has a low rounded dome of 5mm, and a smooth glassy polish both front and back.

Size: 26x20mm
Weight: approximately 15 carats

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brec mookite

Brecciated Mook Jasper

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